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Detroit Free Press
It's All About Going High-Tech At Medical Pot Expo In Detroit

Bill Laitner March 25, 2012


DETROIT, MI -- Politics and profit mixed Saturday with health promises and some hip technology at the second annual Medical Marijuana Expo in Detroit. The three-day event ends today. Across three floors of the Roostertail on the Detroit River, 135 vendors from Michigan's fledgling medical-marijuana industry showed their wares and touted their services to a crowd that, at times, was jammed shoulder to shoulder."This has gone from an industry in the closet to some very technologically advanced stuff," said Jason Ray, 40, a horticultureconsultant from Columbus, Ohio. Ray was at the event doing market ...

Chris Jones, left, of Davison and Yoshanna Cardenas discuss Pure Altitude's services at the second annual Medical Marijuana Expo on Saturday at the Roostertail in Detroit. The three-day event, which ends today, has 135 vendors showing their wares and touting their services.

Gardening and Information Expo in Davison Hosts Area Medical Marijuana Growers

William E Krutchum April  13, 2013


DAVISON TOWNSHIP, MI -- Medical marijuana growers have a chance to connect with each other in Davison Township this weekend. On Saturday, April 13, Green Oasis co-owners Tony Butler and Christopher Kniffen threw the first day of the First Annual Genesee County Gardening and Information Expo at Stonegate Banquet Center in Davison Township.

After doing so much work on their own since founding Green Oasis in February 2011, the duo decided to connect with other area businesspeople to build the medical marijuana community in Genesee County. "We had been to other expos, and we thought, we could put it here with local people," Kniffen said. "...A lot of people need information, and this isn't just stuff you can look up on a web site."


Butler added that aside from products, that the expo also gives growers and patients a chance to speak to each other about growing methods. From there, it takes time to learn. "Even if you're the smartest guy and have the best teacher, it'll take at least a year to produce marijuana that is quality medicine," he said, factoring in elements such as climate control and environment control. The event had about 23 vendors, including the likes of Medical Marijuana Mix and DocGreens Solutions to assist with growing, Pure Altitude to provide items from their seed bank of over 200 strains and 10 different genetics, and others that sold pro-marijuana clothing, hemp jewelry and more. A band performed live music, and the expo also had a glass-blowing demonstration...


High Times Magizine
Michigan MedCan Cup: 7 Pot Growing Tips

Danny Danko July 27, 2014


“Less is more. The best way to avoid pests and diseases is to have enough airflow. Make sure to move cool filtered air in and exhaust all spent warm air out."
Mike Boutin, California grower and star of Weed Wars


“You should always start with 100% organic grow mix and water from the bottom. That way you avoid creating a moist soil layer at the top of your pots that can encourage pests and molds."
Dr. O of Dr. O’s Natural Soil


“Humidity is a bitch around here. It goes up and down all the time. You have to use a humidifier when your lights are on and a de-humidifier when they’re off. Otherwise, powdery mildew and mites will run wild."
Leo from Pure Altitude Seeds 



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