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These are the questions most people ask us... so... here are the answers.....


Is Pure Altitude Seed Bank a dispensary?

No. We are not a dispensary, we do not sell finished medication, hence the name: Pure Altitude "SEED BANK".  :)  Please contact your local compassion club for information about finding the most up to date information about an available caregiver in  your area.​


Can I purchase seeds from Pure Altitude without a State Registered Patient or Caregiver Card? 

No. Keep in mind that everything on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes. In most parts of the world, including the US, it's illegal to cultivate or germinate any type of cannabis seed. It is, however, perfectly legal in many areas to collect Marijuana Seeds for preservation purposes just in case the laws change in the future. Before making any purchase or acquisition, check the laws in your specific jurisdiction to make sure you're in compliance. Pure Altitude ONLY sells souvenir cannabis seeds to State Registered Medical Marijuana Patients and  State Registered Caregivers, so if you are not one of those two, please don't ask because we do not sell to you!​

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